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Flow Camp is a nordic flow gathering that brings artists and people together from around the world to unite the culture of fire dancing, flow- and performance arts. Our goal is to organize a gathering where participants can creatively explore and share their art form in a safe and inspiring inviroment.

This year we are changing location since we outgrew the last one. So this time we will be properly representing the roots of our Norwegian forest flow community on a beautiful farm in Finnskogen, Norway.



Date:  5.Sep-8.Sep 2019
Where: Finnskogen, Norway

Tickets: TBA



Last year we outgrew the beach Flow Camp originated from. So this year we moved to a new and more forresty location we can continue building for years to come. This location represents Norway in a much more traditional way, and if we are lucky, then we might be visited by some of the trolls and gnomes residing in the mystical Norwegian forest! The venue is on a beautiful farm in Finnskogen and only participants buying a ticket will recieve info on how to easiest travel to the destination.



No one under 18 years of age is allowed at Flow Camp. While we want to include as many members of the flow and fire arts community as possible, minors present significant safety and liability concerns. This policy is intended to protect the health and well-being of our community’s future flow artists.



Bring your own- But be mindful as Flow Camp is a celebration and not a party. In this sense there will not be sold alcohol during the event. 
Illigal drugs are not permitted and could result in arrest.
Over intoxicated persons will not be granted access to spin fire in the fire pit and in worst case get escorted out.

For the safety of everyone involved and participating at Flow Camp, please understand and acknowledge the risk of fire dancing!



Remember to bring your valid photo I.D. to the greeters and sign the liability waiver at the event gate. The name under which you purchase your ticket should match the name on your photo I.D.  It can delay or prevent your entry into Flow Camp if the greeters are unable to clearly match you with your ticket.  No tickets will be sold at the gate.

All persons in your vehicle must have their own Flow Camp ticket purchased in their name to check-in and be allowed on site. If someone dont have a valid Flow Camp ticket, no one in the vehicle may enter the event.

All attendees must wear their Flow Camp neckless issued at the greeter station upon entry. Necklesses must be worn at all times during the event. If you do not have a neckless, you will be escorted out of the event. 



Flow Camp is a camping event. All camping is walk-in tent camping. You should be prepared to carry all of your personal camping gear from parking areas to nearby tent camping areas.

We have a limited parking space so please let us know if you plan on arriving by car. 
And if you do, be kind and let other participants carpool with you. Save the inviroment and share the fuel money - WIN WIN!


Flow Camp is a Leave No Trace event. Be mindful of how much you bring Pack it in, pack it out. Your cooperation in keeping the venue clean will allow Flow Camp to return to the venue in the future.

On the venue we will have 3 outhouse toilets and no showers. Close by in walking distance there is a small lake to either wash up or just go for a swim! 


For your health, safety and comfort, please do not forget to bring the following items:

  • Your photo id (check and check again before you leave the house. This is your ticket!)

  • Your toys and tools! (Allan wrench (unbrako nøkkel) screwdrivers and whatever you need to keep your props safe and up to code)

  • Everything you need for an outdoor weekend:

    • tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad

    • several days worth of clothing, warm gear (it will be cold at night)

    • Bug repellent, lip balm, sunglasses

    • rain gear

    • towels

    • personal items, e.g. toiletries, ear plugs, disposable wet towels - remember there will be no showers at site!

  • Enough food, beverages, and water and/or cash for meals from food vendors.

  • Water bottle.

  • Trash bags to “Leave No Trace” (Pack it in, pack it out!!!)

  • Headlamp/flashlight (it’s very dark at night! – bring an extra)

  • A First-Aid kit and/or any medication you need.

  • Cash for use with the merchandise and food vendors

  • Camp chair

  • Camera / video camera

  • Performing clothes and costumes! 


Please do NOT bring the following items to Flow Camp:​

  • No illegal drugs or substances

  • No animals

  • No individual campfires

  • No fireworks

  • No weapons - Exceptions are martial arts tools used for performance purposes only.



Food vendors will be attending Flow Camp, but it is also advisable to bring your own meals including a method for storing and cooking any food that requires it. There will be a primitive communal kitchen area where you can prepare your food over a campfire. There is no refrigerators available at site. Individual campfires are not allowed, but you can bring small camping stoves.



Flow Camp is a co-creating community based event and its success depends on your volunteer participation. This gathering are meant to be a knowledge filling, life inspirering and people bonding experience. While the organizers are working hard to make this retreat very special by bringing you more workshops and amazing instructors, vendors, musicians, and DJs. We need your help for some of the communal choirs and tasks that arises in a fire dancing community in order to keep ticket cost down. This is why we ask all our participants when arriving to sign up for at least 1 volunteer shift.

Voluntary assignments

  • Dipping station (Making sure that equipment gets dipped properly and everyone spins off before heading out to the fire space)

  • Fire safety at the fire space (We cannot have the fire space open without fire safety spotters)

  • First aid station (Handing out burn ointment and/or aloe vera)

Easy to follow instructions on all choirs will be given on site.

Why volunteer?

  • Volunteering helps keep Flow Camp cost effective for everyone.

  • It makes you an integral part of the community.

  • You can make new friends and be inspired by the creativity that surrounds you.

  • Develop new experience and/or build on existing knowledge.

  • And the best reason, is because its fun and feels good co-creating!

    Please sign up for at least one volunteer shift when you arrive. You can be a part of making Flow Camp proper magical!