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If you would like to bring your shop to Flow Camp 2019 there are a couple of ways to do it. We will design a custom vending area so all shops accepted will have their own forest store built by our team. We will also make space for a proper renegade marked, where everyone participating can sell their creations from blankets and carpets over 2 hours during dinner time Friday and Saturday.

All shops will be closed during night time and have specific opening hours during the day. Set times will be released in the official schedule.

Price for vendors: 1000kr
Price for renegades: Regular ticket

Link to Vendor Application


Just give me a ticket, I'll go renegade!



There are several ways to get involved as an instructor at Flow Camp 2019. It should be generally understood that Flow Camp is a small, tightly knit event created by flow artists for flow artists, and therefore operates in a manner intended to sustain the event’s intimate nature for years to come.

As such, Flow Camp should not be thought of as a “gig” for financial gain, but intended to be a valuable and enriching experience where participants and instructors alike can gather, learn and grow together.

Instructor Sponsorships 2019:

  • Sponsored instructors will receive a travel stipend and an event ticket in exchange for teaching 3 classes or more.

  • Sponsored instructors will receive a event ticket in exchange for teaching 2 classes or more.

  • Sponsorships will be selected based on several factors including, but not limited to, instructor’s experience, professionalism, topics offered, travel distance, and social media presence. Sponsorships are awarded at the discretion of the Art of Flow's organizing team with the goal of sponsoring leaders and innovators in their respective fields to attend, teach, and enrich the overall Flow Camp experience.

  • When applying for a sponsorship, instructors are asked to propose at least 2 classes(These can be reoccuring classes in special cases like yoga, Drum circles etc), cite teaching experience, and provide links to relevant online media and resources relating to your work.

  • Partner class (two or more instructors) applications and topics are accepted and encouraged.



If your workshops are not choosen for sponsorship, it is still possible to teach at Flow Camp.


  • Ticket holding participants who would like to share their talents on a volunteer basis are welcome to offer a class or classes to be taught at Flow Camp.

  • Volunteer instructors will not receive compensation, travel stipends, or comp tickets.

  • Volunteer classes will be included and promoted on the official Flow Camp schedule.

  • Volunteer instructors will need a valid Flow Camp ticket to be promoted and admitted in the official schedule.

Flow Camp continues to be a community based event that aims to bring together performance artists from around the world to help foster the growth of the flow, fire, and performance arts. The procedures and processes that make Flow Camp operate are in this interest. Changes to these processes are in response to an evolving community. We continue to make our best efforts to respond to your needs and concerns. As always, please email us if you have questions: